The Forty Drinks Podcast

Growing out of The Forty Drinks Project, Stephanie became captivated by the big “four oh,” and how other people handle the milestone birthday. In The Forty Drinks Podcast Stephanie has conversations with people about their life experience around turning 40. This birthday often comes wrapped in larger life changes, whether it’s a newfound search for meaning, accepting your mortality, or shedding all those things you did because some external authority said you “should.”

When Stephanie McLaughlin found herself single and unattached in the year of her 40th birthday, she decided to go big: To celebrate “The Big Four-Oh” over 40 drinks with 40 friends in 40 different places. She thought she’d blog about the encounters, just for fun. She had no idea that she was about to embark upon the journey of her lifetime.
The Forty Drinks Project - The Forty Drinks Project

This is ridiculous (and I love it)!
I want in.

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