Drink 10: homemade blueberry martini

The Date: August 11

The Friend: Michael Robinson and Kim Thitchner

The Place: their house, Manchester, NH

The Drink: homemade blueberry martini

Michael &Amp; KimThe Story: I originally met Michael through my friend Nikki. After a while, he moved toNew York City and would come home to visit a few times a year. It was on one of those trips home that he told us he had met a girl and, in fact, it was her Mustang that was parked out front. The fact that a city girl lent her car to her new boyfriend to drive all the way to New Hampshire for the weekend was an indication to us of the seriousness of the relationship.

For a few years, I saw Michael when he would come home and always with Nikki. Little by little, though we developed a friendship of our own.

A couple of years ago, I went to visit Michael and Kim for a weekend at their place in Brooklyn. In my mind, this was really the turning point of our relationship – in a truly wonderful way.

When I got there on Friday night, Kimmi mixed up a couple of batches of homemade blueberry martinis. We spent the evening sitting around talking, eating and drinking these delicious concoctions.

On Saturday, Michael had a class to take and studying to do, so Kimmi and I made our way into Manhattan to shop and wander. We found a street fair, which is my absolute favorite thing in New York.  We ate Thai food. We talked all day long. That’s the day that I feel like Kimmi and I really became friends in our own right.

Michael met us for dinner and we went to a show at the Upright Comedy Brigade, which was a riot, followed by drinks after at some boys’ bar in Chelsea. At the time, Sarah-Marie was living in New York for a project and she joined us for the evening.

While the comedy show was funny, so was the drive home. As we drove down a single avenue (I forget which one; 9th, maybe?), we were pulled over three times in about 24 blocks for having tinted windows on the car. Michael and Kim had had this car in the city for quite a while at the time and had never had a problem. Thank goodness for the South Carolina plates or we may have gotten tickets at each stop. Instead, Michael would say he was borrowing the car from Kim’s mom, or that they had just brought the car to the city and that pretty much got us off the hook.

About a year and a half ago, Michael and Kim moved back to New Hampshire and now they have two beautiful little boys, Quinn and Myles. It’s good to have them right up the street because now, when they get a night out, they’ll occasionally call me for dinner or a nightcap and you know I’m always up for that. It’s nice to be able to do spontaneous things with them and I look forward to watching those two little boys grow up.

Blueberry MartinisThe Drink: The weekend I went and visited Michael and Kimmi in Brooklyn, she made us homemade blueberry martinis and we sat around their breakfast bar and talked and drank and laughed at the cats frolicking. For this drink, I went to their new home in Manchester where Kimmi again made her delicious homemade blueberry martinis and we sat around their breakfast bar and talked and drank and played with the kids while the cats did their own thing this time – a wonderful evolution for this drink!

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