Drink 29: St. Moritz

The Date: January 13

The Friend: E

The Place: XO on Elm, Manchester, NH

The Drink: St. Moritz

EpeThe Story: Some of these stories have been difficult to write because there are just so many stories to tell that I don’t know where to start or what to include. Others are difficult to write because I can’t remember how I met a person or what event or situation really nudged our relationship into a friendship. This one is difficult to write because the flavor of the friendship has changed between the time I had the drink and the time I sit down to write about it.

I’ve known E for about eight years now. His business partner and I were both co-founders of MYPN so we spent a lot of time together back then and I got to know several of the people at his company, including E. For most of the years we’ve known each other, we were business-community friends; we’d see each other at events and it was always lovely to see him. About a year and a half ago, though, a more social friendship developed between us. We started spending more time together; I introduced him to my friends and he became part of my regular crowd. I even invited him to come to my parents’ house during the holidays last year, as I do with several of my closest friends.

Then, in early May, he told me as part of a Facebook message conversation that he thought I was awful and that I wasn’t the kind of person he wanted in his inner circle. So I guess that’s kind of the end of the story.

St. MoritzThe Drink: Since I had included E in my family holiday celebrations over the prior months, he and I shared a drink that is a holiday staple in his family: the St. Moritz.

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