Recommend a guest or be a guest for the Forty Drinks Podcast

Stephanie is looking for guests for the Forty Drinks Podcast. She wants to talk to people who have experienced transitions or epiphanies between age 35 and 45 – for better or worse. Your transition didn’t need to happen at 40 – it could have been leading up to 40 or motivated by having turned 40.

Conversation topics can include, but are not limited to,

Externally obvious markers like:

More internal things like:

And celebrations!

Don’t see your story listed here? Of course you don’t! We’re all unique creatures on our own journeys. If you’ve got a story, Stephanie wants to hear it.

Whether you’re headed towards forty or looking at it in the rear view, I hope you’ll join me!

If you’ve got a great story or lesson learned around the big “four oh,” I want to hear about it!


If you know someone who would make for a great guest on the Forty Drinks Podcast, let me know who they are!

Are you...

The fine print: Interviews are taped via videoconference using Microsoft Teams and can be scheduled to suit your schedule. Audio is used for the podcast. Video and still images are used for episode promotion.

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