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In 2022, Stephanie McLaughlin celebrates 15 years of small business ownership. Not one to rest on her laurels, she’s also launching a podcast for the passion project she’s worked on for 10 years.

Savoir Faire is a marketing agency based in New Hampshire that serves small- and medium-sized businesses. The rapid evolution of the web – and how people use it – has empowered consumers, but keeping up with the pace of change frustrates and overwhelms many business owners.

That’s where Stephanie and Savoir Faire come in.

The Forty Drinks Project is something Stephanie did when she turned 40. She celebrated the big “four oh” having 40 drinks with 40 friends in 40 different places – and each drink had a thematic connection to the friend. What began as a wacky way to celebrate her birthday extended into a yearlong adventure, and turned into something else entirely. Stephanie had no idea this “just for fun” project would change her life – but it did!

Ever since, she’s been captivated by turning 40 and how other people handle the milestone. This year, the project is coming to life as The Forty Drinks Podcast, conversations with people about their life experience around turning 40. This birthday often comes wrapped in larger life changes, whether it’s a newfound search for meaning, accepting your mortality or shedding all those things you did because some external authority said you “should.”

Professionally, she’s confident and optimistic. Personally, she’s sassy and a little ridiculous. Plus, she has a background in both PR and publishing, so she knows what makes a good story.

Bottom line: Stephanie would be a great guest for your podcast!

Stephanie speaks eloquently about:

The Forty Drinks Project - The Forty Drinks Project
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